thoughtful, focused, determined advocacy
If Your Company Faces Patent Litigation, We Can:

-Litigate with a small team of experienced litigators.
-Serve as temporary and part-time in-house counsel to prepare your company.
-Negotiate indemnity.

-Assist with third-party discovery.

Consider Our Experience:

-Led offensive and defensive patent litigation including litigation teams in multi-patent cases.
-Successfully argued claim construction, preliminary injunction (defeated), and appeal to Federal Circuit.
-Supervised discovery, argued discovery motions, took and defended depositions, including numerous depositions of inventors, experts, patent prosecution attorneys, and critical company witnesses.
-Defended patent attorneys against allegations of inequitable conduct.
-Advised clients in mediation.

-Obtained and defended third-party discovery (subpoenas for documents and testimony).

How we can help

We collaborate with our clients to identify options.  If appropriate, we then litigate vigorously and professionally.

based on our experience, we can focus on key  issues to resolve disputes short of expensive trials